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    Multiple Consumer for JMS topic instance on the Same Server,how to stop receiving the copy of same message on all Consumer

    Rashmi Bhat Newbie

      I need help with Jboss tuning /configuration for JMS topic

      I have a JMS topic on my Jboss Server,  Client side is using Weblogic and they have multiple managed Servers in that Weblogic. Due to which they will have multiple instances of Consumers/subscribers  to My Jboss based topic. This will imply that they will receive the same message 3 times (if they have 3 managed servers, intern impels they have 3 consumers) . Is there a way to configure JMS topic on Jboss, so that it sends out message to only on managed server(randomly) and discards the messsag or doesnt send message to other consumers from the same server ? (I am using HornetQ  here)


      Weblogic has a configuration called forwardingPolicy, which when set to some value , sends out message to one consumer of that weblogic instance.. Similar configuratiobn in Jboss can help here??