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    Modeshape with DocumenDB as BinaryStore

    Jeff Sandoval Newbie

      We are evaluating Modeshape with DocumentDB (via its MongoDB api) as its binary store using the built-in MongoDbBinaryStore.


      Connection at first cannot be established because DocumentDB requires connections to be in SSL. Is there any out-of-the-box way to set SSL using the built-in MongoDbBinaryStore? I looked around the code and haven't found anything, so just made it to work by modifying it to accept connection options. After that, tried uploading some documents and everything is working fine.


      The next issue is that the built-in MongoDbStore uses one collection per document. With DocumentDB billing on a collection basis, this would be impractical. So I was thinking if we could implement something like what

      Jackrabbit Oak is doing with one collection for blobs then just adding another collection for the document headers. Are there any things that I should keep in mind when defining custom binary store? Should the key be consistent with other stores?