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    What are the biggest advantages of jBPM over custom java workflow application?

    Stanislav Ondac Newbie

      Hi All,  


      We have group of Java developers, and none of them has good jBPM knowledge.  


      So, when we would like to implement/automate some business process(let's say of middle complexity, with for example 4 process steps, one of which is human task(for approval), another is reading data from other system using web service, and another is storing the final result in Database ), we could see 2 possible ways: 


      1) custom Java development - with simple workflow functionality built-in 


      2) use of  light-weight BPM solution like jBPM.  



      I somehow feel, that jBPM better suits our needs, but I need specific arguments to convince our developers that it would be more efficient (in long term) to learn jBPM and use it for specific scenarios.  


      What would you say are features of jBPM that are very often used in implemented processes, and are hard (or would take long time) to implement by our own? So reuse them (in solution like jBPM) would be far better,then starting from scratch ?  

      And I am focusing here more on the runtime/process engine features, then additional features like modelling and monitoring environment.


      Thank you for your valuable input