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    Problems selecting a Hybrid Mobile Engine

    Tamara Wachs Newbie

      Hello everyone,


      Im trying to create a first Hyprid Mobile Projekt, but wen it comes to the point where I should be able to select a Cordova Version (so called a Hybrid Mobile Engine) I only see Android, Windows Universal and Windows Phone 8 (see Screenshot below). Is this new becuase in the HowTo its decribed diffrently. I specified my Android SDK location in "Window -> Preferences -> Hybrid Mobile -> Android" but that seems to change nothing for the Hybrid Mobile Engine.


      When I downloaded the Android part and selected it It worked at first but, there is an error shown in the screenshot below. And after first running it I get an error in the folder platforms -> but I can still run it. Is there anything I can do so it dosn't show this errors any more?


      The information about my working machine are:

      • Windows 7 64x bit Version
      • Eclipse Java EE IDE for Web Developers Version: Neon.2 Release (4.6.2)
        • Android Development Toolkit Version: (installed all available android sdk's)

        • JBoss Tools 4.4.3 Final
        • Jboss Hybrid Mobile Tools + CordovaSim
      • Java JDK version 1.8.0_121


      I also did the general Cordova setup befor as described on there page http://cordova.apache.org/
      With this installation I allready created succesfully a standard cordova application with the android plattform from the console.


      Also I tried to follow the informations on the following sides:
      JBoss Tools - Installation and Introduction to Apache Cordova

      JBoss Tools - Create Your First Hybrid Mobile App


      And I looked though the forum and found the following Sides, but the didn't help me much

      Hybrid Mobile Project Question

      Cannot launch cordovaSim

      Cordova Plug-in Discovery can find any plug-in


      Thanks for the Help