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    A simple Web Service consumer and producer using Apache Camel

    Anirban Gupta Newbie



      I am new to JBoss Fuse and Apache Camel. In our project we have twoo WSDL of producer and consumer. For one of the WSDL we have generated the implementation class and we want to expose the endpoints in POJO dataFormat. We have couple of questions here:


      1. In wsdl2java, we find three types of generating Java codes, Client Side code, Server side code and Implementation code. What are the differences between those?

      2. can I use some other tool like wsimport (not wsdl2java) and generate the java classes and start from there, or we only need to use Apache CXF's wsdl2java for generating the implementation classs?


      Any other sugessions for this type of project will be helpful.