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    Can Log Viewer Show Files In Other Directories?

    jfisherdev Apprentice

      I am wondering if the Log Viewer/Log Files page on the WildFly Admin Console on WildFly 9.0.2.final can show files besides those directly in the ${jboss.server.log.dir}.


      The structure I have for log files on my server looks like this:




      | - log [this is what ${jboss.server.log.dir} resolves to]

           | - server.log

           | - applogs

                | - app.log

                | - appWeb.log


      The log files under the ${jboss.server.log.dir}/applogs directory are being logged to correctly, so I'm fairly certain my logger and handler setup is correct. While the logging subsystem supports this configuration, I can't see them from the Log Viewer page.


      Is this something the Log Viewer supports? While moving the log files to the ${jboss.server.log.dir} may be a possibility, I think preserving the directory structure will likely be considered more important than being able to see it in the Log Viewer, although it would be ideal if both were possible.


      Thank you.