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    Wildfly 10.1, domain mode, session getting invalidated and logs out

    Micheal Delson Nadar Newbie

      Environment : Wildfly 10.1, domain mode, with 4 server node.


      Wildfly starts successfully and application is deployed successfully and we get the login page and login happens successfully.


      1) Jsession with nodename appended is created on home page.. screen as below


      2) Next I clicked a menu link to get the below. here we see that the nodename which should be appended with Jsession ID is missing.



      3) Next I clicked another menu link to get the below. here we see it logs out and throws me to login page again with new jsession ID but without nodename appended.



      If I have only one node, It works fine. But the nodename is not seen appended to JsessionID.  So its is sure that this issue is because of nodname not getting preserved with JsessionID.


      Any pointers where I would have been missed or going wrong?