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    *** Hot deployment of Resource Adapter ***

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      I am trying in the process of porting our software from weblogic to jboss. I know that it's possible to deploy the Resource Adapter and lookup the connection factory without restarting or changing any weblogic configuration files. But in JBoss, I found that the Resource Adapter JNDI name has to be put in the ~/conf/default/jboss.jcml file. One whole section like the following has to be added to do jndi lookup of the connection factory.
      <!-- IB1-jdbc Adapter -->




      <!-- See the documentation for the specific connection manager implementation you are using for the properties you can set -->

      <!-- Principal mapping configuration -->


      Since I am fairly new, I don't know whether the hot deployment of Resource Adapter is supported or not. I am sure the experts can provide n-number of ways get around this problem. Thank you very much in advance.

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          David Jencks Master


          You don't indicate which version of jboss you are using. Capabilities differ. Lets assume you are at least at 2.4

          In jboss, there are 2 parts to using a rar.

          1. Deploy the rar itself

          2. Configure and bind into jndi a ConnectionFactory backed by the ManagedConnectionFactory, appropriate ConnectionManager, the security stuff, the links to the transaction manager, etc etc.

          (1) can be done by the AutoDeployer (with the RARDeployer) by dropping the rar into one of the watched deployment directories, such as deploy. This requires no additional configuration, but doesn't specify what particular resource manager instance you want to connect to or any parameters.

          (2) can be done either through xml configuration in the appropriate file or through direct creation and manipulation of a ConnectionFactoryLoader mbean.

          In 2.4, the xml file is jboss.jcml, as you have indicated. In 3.0/rabbithole, you can deploy multiple *service.xml files, each containing some classpath information and some mbean configurations.

          There is an example of how to directly create and manipulate a ConnectionFactoryLoader mbean from an external program in the (3.0) testsuite/src/.../jmx/tests/ConnectionFactoryLoaderUnitTestCase.java file. Browsing cvs on the web this is under jbosstest.

          At this time, you can't deploy an rar as part of an ear: I am hoping to find time to add this soon, with the capability of including a jboss-service.xml file as well so you can actually use the rar you deploy.

          I would very much like to include example configurations in the manual for any resource adapters you get working.

          Note that in 3.0 many of the attribute names have changed to (I hope) more clearly indicate their function. Consult the manual, which also has fairly detailed explanations of the meaning of all the attributes. Let me know if the manual is unclear.

          In weblogic, how do you specify all the properties that we put in the ConnectionFactoryLoader mbean?

          Let us know how this works out.

          david jencks

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            Please continue discussion in database-persistence forum. Thanks.