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    Remote EJB lookup and Invocation and Thread.interrupt() issues

    Sébastien Andre Newbie



      I have by example a daemon thread that works as follow


         while( running ) {


                try {

                     Thread.sleep( fewTimes );


                catch(InterruptedException e) {}



      This daemon thread do a specific task at interval delay.

      But when the users do some actions, i can wish to force the daemon thread to execute it's task, i call on the daemon thread a Thread.interrupt();

      If the daemon thread is on the sleep, it will be interrupted and will execute doJob()


      Issues comes from the doJob() method that can do some things like:

      - EJB lookup through the JNDI

      - EJB invocation on EJB remote stubs


      But it seems that theses operations take care in some way of the interrupted (that means they are interruptible methods ?)

      And i have spurious errors like

        - NameNotFoundException : can't invoke lookup , status=WAITING (on a lookup invocation)

        - EJBCLIENT000051: Cannot proceed with invocation since the locator StatefulEJBLocator  (on a stateful remote invocation)



      I called a Thread.interrupted() before lookups and invocations for testing purpose but it can't be a usable workaround since it's not thread safe

      I can't prevent the Thread.interrupt() after the flag was cleared and the lookup or invocation is executing.


      So, did you know a way to do lookups and method invocation without take cares about the Thread.interrupt ?

      If not, did you know a usable workaround ?


      i have theses issues on existing applications for which i migrate for using a WildFly server.


      Best regards,