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    Statefull Session bean

    Ashu Newbie

      How do i make use of a stateful session bean,if the user has to go from one form to another, & whatever he has selected in the process, should be stored in the statefull session bean object.similar to a shopping cart. BUT how do i get the same Stateful session remote object again after the user comes to the next web page.

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          Lars Bjønnes Newbie

          If you're not in a hurry, look at the petstore blueprint from Sun.

          If, have you tried storing a handle to the session bean in the user's servlet session?

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            Ashu Newbie

            I have tried to store the remote obj. in the session & then retrive it in the next page....it works BUT i need to know whethre it can be done without storing the obj. in sessions created explicitly by the user.! then what is the power of stateful session bean.
            i do not want to use sessions created by the user.

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              Allen Leung Newbie

              The power of stateful session bean allows you to centralize the logic of the application in to bean rathan than spreads into different JSP pages. variables in the bean can be referenced by various page once they get the handle of the bean. It represents a client but running in the application server.