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    Case Insensitive Indexing and Search?

    David Harrison Newbie



      I'm using ModeShape 5.3.0 and 5.4.0 Final


      Is it possible to create a case-insensitive index and search on a mixed-case String property of a Custom Node ?


      I've got approximately 20,000 test nodes, spread across two different languages (language_code).

      What I would like to do is a JCR SQL2 query, to search for tests, in a specified language, and matching on a partial test name.


      The problem is that the name data is mixed case but I would like for the search to work case insensitive.  

      I imagine I could create a lower cased additional property for indexing and searching, but I hope there is a more elegant solution.  Can I tell ModeSHape and the Index and Search case-insensitive?





      Example CND






      [example:Test] >  nt:unstructured, mix:created, mix:lastModified, mix:versionable

        - example:global_test_id (string)

        - example:language_code (string)

        - example:name (string)

        - example:description (string)

      [example:referenceableTest] > example:Test, mix:referenceable



      Indexes (defined in repository-config.json)


      "indexes" : {

        "indexT3LangAndName" : {

        "kind" : "value",

        "provider" : "lucene",

        "nodeType" : "example:Test",

        "columns" : "example:language_code (STRING), example:name (STRING)"




      Example JCR SQL2 Queries


      Attempt 1: 

      Query: SELECT  [example:global_test_id], [example:language_code], [example:name], [example:description] FROM [example:Test] WHERE [example:language_code]='x-pig-latin' AND [example:name] LIKE '%insurance%'

      Problem:  If I look for test name like "%insurance%",  it is case sensitive does not retrieve those tests with "Insurance" 


      Attempt 2:

      Query: SELECT  [example:global_test_id], [example:language_code], [example:name], [example:description] FROM [example:Test] WHERE [example:language_code]='x-pig-latin' AND LOWER(example:name]) LIKE '%insurance%'

      Problem: Search was still case sensitive and did not pick up tests based on their lower cased names.