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    Resteasy and business layer how to integrate them?

    Bruno Frascino Newbie



      I am planning to implement my application with the following layers:


      Client -> REST(Resteasy) -> Business Logic Layer -> Data access layer -> DB


      I am using Wildfly 10.1.0.Final


      I am just confused on how the Business layer should be implemented in order to be injected, if so, into the REST service layer....


      At the moment I have this:


      @Produces({ "application/json" })
      @Consumes({ "application/json" })
      public class HelloWorld {
        public HelloWorld() {} 
        public Message getHello(){
          return new Message("Hello World!!"); 



      Message class is not an Entity at the moment, can I just use my entities as the return type?


      I am planning to implement my business layer using CDI Managed Beans, so for example if I have a business class MessageService , should I inject it inside my REST class HelloWorld ?


      Is there some documentation, article or tutorial that can guide?