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    question on using Infinispan for hibernate 2nd level cache

    Srini c Newbie

      Hi All, We use JbossCache for application and hibernate 2nd Level cache. We are migrating from JbossCache to Infinispan. Below is the configuration for infinispan. We use replication sync cache for sessions, invalidation cache for configurations and hibernate2LC. In JBossCache we were using new SharedCacheInstanceManager(cacheManager.getCache("Hibernate2LC")  to JBossCacheRegionFactory. With the InfinispanRegionFactory, the above option is no more and only takes a cache manager. Does, this mean I need configure separate cache manage for Hibernate 2 level cache? we will have 2 infinispan XMLs 1) application cache and 2) Hibernate L2 cache configurations? In that case we will end up with using 2 cache managers, can you please let me know if this is correct? Appreciate your help n this.