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    Package and deployment

    Robert Carlens Newbie

      Hi all!

      I'm using a stateless session EJB as a sessionfacade. From this EJB I try to call an entity EJB. These two beans are deployed (using suns deploymenttool) in different jar-files.
      However, when I lookup the entity bean I get a naming exception saying that the JNDI-name of the entity bean is not bound. If I however package the two beans in the same jar-file everything seems to be working fine. It even works fine if I debug the application (I have integrated JBOSS with JBuilder), but not when I run it. I suspect that it has something to do with classloaders, but I have no idea what is going on. Is it in fact so that I have to package the two beans in the same jar?
      Does anybody know why this is?

      best regards,