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    How to access the browser url in standalone.xml

    Girish Jaju Newbie


        We are using JBOSS rewrite module and have a rule to rewrite the url from http to https.


        I am able to pass a start up arg like -DsecuredDomain=domain.com and rewrite the url like:


        <rewrite name="rule" pattern="/online/browse/(.*)/_/(.*)$" substitution="https://${DsecuredDomain}/online/$1/_/$2" flags="R=301"/>


        This approach has a limitation. My site can be accessed using domain.com OR internalDomain.com (for a reason), but I can only rewrite based on the startup argument.


        I need to rewrite the secured url based on how the User accessed the site, by domain.com or internaldomain.com.


        Is it possible?


        I would really appreciate any help.