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    gzipFilter & vary-header in WildFly-10.1.0?

    valsaraj viswanathan Master



      Do we need to use gzipFilter & vary-header in WildFly-10.1.0?


      It was used in 8.2.1:

      <host name="default-host" alias="localhost">


      <filter-ref name="gzipFilter" predicate="not min-content-size[500] and exists['%{o,Content-Type}'] and not regex[pattern='(?:application/.*)(;.*)?', value=%{o,Content-Type}, full-match=true]"/>

                              <filter-ref name="Vary-header"/>





      <response-header name="Vary-header" header-name="Vary" header-value="Accept-Encoding"/>

      <gzip name="gzipFilter"/>



      Please advice!