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    Wildfly 10.1.0.Final: Question regarding variable visibility after commit

    Ralf Battenfeld Apprentice



      I migrated a running app from the old JBoss Community 6 version to the latest wildfly version.


      We face a problem for which I don't have an explanation. In say 10 commits, 1 commit hides a list. More specific, before the commit, the list contains elements, after the commit the list is empty. This happens just periodically.


          public List<U> batchAll(final List<T> listT) {
              List<U> resultList = null;
              try {
                  if (listT.size() == 1) {
                      resultList = new LinkedList<U>();
                  } else {
                      resultList = processAll(listT);
                      getUserTransaction().commit(); // HERE IS THE COMMIT, resultList IS EMPTY FROM TIME TO TIME
                      postProcess(listT, resultList);
              } catch (Exception ex) { // NOSONAR we have to catch everything here
                  handleBatchException(listT, ex);
                  resultList = new LinkedList<U>();
                  for (T t : listT) {
              return resultList;


      The fun part is, everything is persisted. I tried to migrate this specific code to Container Managed Transactions but I got the same. May this is not related, we had to increase the thread-pool size since the app uses timers a lot.


      Any idea what is wrong with this code?