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    Rhel 7.3 PXE Linux vmlinuz kernel - no support for Intel Celeron J3455?

    Michael Tippie Newbie

      I'm not sure where else to post this; I'm looking for help with hardware support for Rhel 7.3 and the Intel NUC6CAYH.


      Currently, when I try to boot to a Rhel 7.3 LiveCD from PXE, the NUC stops and complains of "not enough memory" while trying to load the initrd.  It has 16 gigs of RAM in it, and the Rhel LiveCD works in every other unit we have, including the Intel core i3 version of the NUC.


      I believe that this may be due to drivers not being in the "vmlinuz" PXE kernel (see picture) that support the NUC6CAYH.  When I use the "mem=16000" parameter, the system hangs indefinitely at "ready.".


      Can anyone help or comment on this?  Do I need to build a new "vmlinuz" PXE kernel?  If I do, how would I know what options to pick for compatibility?  CentOS says that the Intel CPU is "family 6, model 92", if that helps.