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    Backup and restore without versions

    Simon Prinz Newbie



      we are trying to update from ModeShape 4.6.2 to 5.3.0 using the Backup and Restore methods (Backup and restore - ModeShape 5 - Project Documentation Editor ).


      Yesterday we started to migrate our first customer. We started the export command at 06:00 AM and it is still going 30 hours later. The BackupService log currently reads "writing batch [5590000, 5600000] of documents from the content store...". That's over 5 million nodes!

      We figured out that most of these nodes come from the version storage. There are only about 100000 "normal" nodes (folders/files/...).

      It's obvious that we can not do the backup and restore if it takes that much time. We can not shut down the customers systems for serveral days.


      So the question is: Can we backup the repository without the versions in the version storage? Our customers do not need these versions. Or are there any other ways to save time?




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          Horia Chiorean Master

          Backup and restore only work on the entire repository and handle bulk data. I don't really know why the restore would take this long, but you can also try changing the default batch size (which is 1000 documents) and test if different batches would work better with a particular DB. See Backup and restore - ModeShape 5 - Project Documentation Editor


          To answer the original question: backup files are plain-text JSON files (compressed or not). You can always edit them by hand, but when it comes to system stuff - especially versioning which is by far the most complex JCR feature IMO - it's very easy to get things wrong which could cause data corruption in the end.