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    Wildfly 11.0.x: Suppress "WFLYRS0015: No Servlet declaration found for JAX-RS application" ?


      Hi all,


      When deploying my application (ear with a couple of jar and war files) on Wildfly 11.0.0.Beta1-SNAPSHOT I get warnings like this one for all the war files:

      WARN  [org.jboss.as.jaxrs#deploy] WFLYRS0015: No Servlet declaration found for JAX-RS application.  In ws-common.war either provide a class that extends javax.ws.rs.core.Application or declare a servlet class in web.xml.

      When deploying the same ear file on a Wildfly 10.1. this warning message does not appear.

      Those war files raising the warnings do not contain RESTful Webservices, only SOAP based Webservices, and therefore do not need either servlet or class.

      Only 2 sub modules contain RESTful Webservices and have a class extending javax.ws.rs.core.Application.


      How can I avoid those warnings, or even better, the whole JaxRS processing of these submodules?

      Preferably in a way which is compatible with Wildfly 10.x.

      Sure, I can add classes also to my SOAP based WS modules to make Wildfly quiet, but I not like this approach.

      And ignorable warnings should not appear when starting Wildfly server with deployed app / deploying the application.


      Regards, Frank