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    JAAS rdbms with JBose Fuse Webservices

    Herman Shafiq Newbie

      Im new in JAAS and JBoss too. Im trying to implement JAAS with JBoss Fuse webservices.


      let me explain you my scenario. Lets assume, taking username & password from header in request of soap api. i need to authenticate the user, whether the user have rights to access the operation name (method name), the username & password must be matched from database & also the operation name too. like i have 3 tables in my database first table api_users(contains username, password), second table api_rights (contains operation_name), third table api_user_rights (contains foreign keys user_id and right_id) . My aim is to implement this scenario in JBose fuse using JAAS.
      Is there any other approach to achieve this thing.

      Looking forward for your help.

      Step by step tutorial will be great if possible