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    ejbCreate called for ever stateless bean method invocation

    jeff seaman Newbie


      I have what I think is wierd behavior going on with a stateless session bean and I would like to verify if it is correct. I make a call to create() on the home interface once. Then I call a method on the bean 10 times and I am going through ejbCreate() 10 times. I don't know if its creating 10 beans or just calling ejbCreate 10 times on one bean. This behavior changed when I went from Jboss 2.2.2 to Jboss 2.4.1. Is this behavior correct - do I have 10 beans I only have one client and would think one bean would get used over and over again. I have limited the max size paramater to 5 in the container parameters with no change in behavior.

      Thanks fo your help

      Jeff Seaman