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    Wildfly for commercial production deployment



      I have some queries regarding using running Wildfly commercially in production. I ran through various public forums but could not get a concrete answer. The answer that is provided is - “We can use it in production” but with LGPL 2.1 restriction. As license part can get bit complicated which might get us in trouble, it would be good if you can shed some light. We are product based company where we distribute packaged software based on Weblogic platform. We are looking at migrating to open source for various reasons. My concerns are regarding using it in client’s production environment running our software.


      Here are my concerns/queries –


      1. Is there any code we need to make compatible with LGPL 2.1 of our software (without any code modification of Wildfly) or we can run as is without exposing our code as our code is proprietary one?
      2. With LGPL 2.1 licensing restriction as I understand all java are dynamically linked to the libraries at run time. So, static linking won't be a issue. Correct me if I am wrong.
      3. Is there any issue with implementing or extending Wildfly interfaces or classes(java) which might break licensing of LGPL 2.1
      4. Is there any part of the Wildfly framework we are constrained to work with due to licensing issue?
      5. Can we use at client’s/customer production environment running our software?


      Thanks in advance for your inputs.