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    JBoss Developer Studio local server publishing filters

    Steve Warsa Newbie

      I'm using JBoss Developer Studio and am trying to figure out how to prevent a certain path from publishing before startup of the server.  That path is 'node_modules'.  Since this is an Angular2 project, we have the node_modules folder under our angular app (that's where all the external UI libraries get installed as a result of running npm install). 


      However, since we're using NG Live Development Server (web pack via 'ng serve'), we're proxying calls from that NG Live Development Server to our JBoss server port (on local only), so in my case it goes from localhost:4200 --> localhost:8080. Since the complete UI (Angular app) is running on the NG Live Development Server, I don't need that subdirectory deployed in the WAR.  However I don't want to change the directory structure.  I just see that when the JBoss Developer Studio EAP 7 server is publishing, it is talking a long time and most of that time is spent publishing the node_modules and all it's subdirectories.


      Any clue how to eliminate a path within the WAR from publishing before the server starts up? Note - in our previous setup, (WebSphere / RAD) it had a feature called 'Publishing settings for WebSphere Application Server' --> Run server with resources within the workspace.  I wonder if there is something similar in JBoss Developer Studio.