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    ejb local interfaces again

    Joe Newbie

      I've read over all the posts on this topic and keep getting conflicting answers. What I would like clarified is the actual status of EJB 2.0 local interfaces in the 2.4.x line. Are local interfaces actually useable in the most recent JBoss build?

      In our office we've been able to deploy and use local interfaces with BMP entity beans but every time we try to deploy a CMP entity bean with local interfaces the deployer explodes with JAWS errors. What are others experiences with this?

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          Ignacio Newbie

          I tried with JBoss 2.4 and wasn't able to get CMP 2.0 working, so I upgraded to 2.5 ALPHA and it worked. Later I got other issues, so to be confident in the code I upgraded to 3.0 RH.

          It works ok, but (caveat) there are no docs, and many things have changed. Most things you could want are already there, though :)