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    Callbacks for batch/bulk updates

    Clemens August Newbie



      I am using Infinispan with WildFly AS 9, version 7.2.3.Final.


      In order to get a cluster safe cache for data, stored in a tree structure, I chose the approach depicted below. The data is made up of entities in one table, which simply is read as a whole and stored into an Infinispan cache.


      • On server startup, read all entities and store them into a cluster wide Infinispan cache.
      • Based on this cache, set up memory based structures (maps etc.) for fast access (a tree and some application driven maps).


      This works fine so far, but I am not sure about the best approach for updates to the cache. These updates must be reflected in the memory based structures.


      I am aware of the @Listener-approach, but this allows me to react to single entry events, i.e. CacheEntryModified, CacheEntryCreated, CacheEntryDeleted. Actually, I would like to react to such events in a bulk fashion, meaning, that in the callback I would have access to a collection of modified (created, deleted) entries.


      Is there another paradigm allowing to do this?