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    Existing deployments are removed when a new deployment fails.

    Dominic Cioccarelli Newbie

      I'm facing a strange issue with JBoss EAP. I deployed two artifacts via the web UI (a WAR and a MySQL JDBC driver JAR). In both instances there were no issues and I could recycle the server (running in standalone mode) and the content would be there after the restart (also visible in standalone/data/content).


      The issue is that if I now place another WAR in standalone/deployments and the deployment of that WAR fails during the server startup, then the other deployments (deployed either via the web UI or CLI) will simply disappear. They are simply removed from standalone/data/content and vanish without a trace.




      I deploy the two artifacts:


      [standalone@localhost:9999 /] deploy D:\Downloads\proxy.war

      [standalone@localhost:9999 /] deploy mysql-connector-java-5.1.41.jar


      We can see they are deployed:

      deployed apps.png

      Also at the file system level we can see the two deployments:

      deployed apps FS.png

      If I now put a WAR file (expanded in this case) into the "deployments" directory and start JBoss EAP:

      failed deployment.png

      if the deployment fails then the existing two (unrelated) artifacts disappear (content directory is empty and the web UI shows no deployments):


           deployed apps FS empty.png


      I can work around the issue but I was just wondering whether this was expected behaviour? It effectively means that one can't mix CLI based deployment with deployment based on copying resources to the deployments directory (as a failure in the latter will delete all deployments made using the former). Note also that this behaviour can only be seen on sever startup. If the server is already running and I put a WAR in the standalone/deployments directory which fails to deploy, then this won't delete the existing deployed applications until the server is restarted.


      Many thanks in advance,