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    What's the point? :)

    Carl Ellam-speed Newbie

      Hi all,


      Following on from my earlier message, regarding inconsistencies with JBoss 6 and MQ 8, using Resource Adapter 7.0. I'm wondering if there is anyone out there technically able and friendly enough to answer the following:


      • What is the point of the Core-Thread parameter in the WorkManager configuration? https://wildscribe.github.io/JBoss%20EAP/6.3.0/subsystem/jca/workmanager/short-running-threads/index.html Having set this, along with the Keep-Alive, we were hoping to see threads grow to our Max-Threads size when busy and then for the threads to reduce, according to keep-alive. However, what we find is that the threads are Limited to Core-Thread if set, i.e. the pool is never grown. Why is this parameter avaiable for setting? For our purposes, I guess we just leave Max-Threads size and just keep them all open.
      • Secondly, what is the purpose of the Queue-Length in the same WorkManager configuration? Am I right in believing that the max-threads will be used first and any other units-of-work will then be queued, waiting for a Thread to become available to service it? If so, does that mean the WorkManager creates a 'block of work units' to operate in phases? I.E. on a regularly interval, it looks at the queue depths, the mdb's that could fire and the threads available and then creates these in the Queue, which get serviced by the available threads?


      We are looking to get a concrete understanding of these two scenarios that are configured by said parameters. Having changed these values in our test environment, they reflect our thinking above but therefore seem to indicate that they give us little control.


      Any advice/answer, no matter how small, would really be appreciated.


      Kind regards