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    JDBC Driver for what ? profile or machine ?

    nurubhas s Newbie

      Hi All,


      I have small query.. can you pleas clarify.


      I have configured JbossEAP domain in 3 boxes with horizontal setup.




      1) server1.example.com--- >EAP instances (dev-1,test-1,prod-1)

      2) server2.example.com --- > EAP instances (dev-2, test-2,prod-2)

      2) server3.example.com ----- > EAP instances (dev-3, test-2, prod-3)


      So here server each group expanded to 3 boxes.


           dev-server-groups --- > Full

           Test-server-group ---- > ha

           prod- server-group --- > full-ha


      Question is If i configured a oracle driver in  default profile ... can i choose the same driver while configuring datasources in full or ha  ?


      The reason.. why I am asking is..


      I have configured oracle driver in all profiles with name of Oracle 11g driver and  my all eap instances were running... here when i am going to create a data source in full profile ... I could see three drivers(because i have started all instances related to three profiles that 3 boxes) with the same name as oracle11g ... which i choose for full profile ? name conflict ..


      can we have any option to configure jdbc driver centralized way?




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          nurubhas s Newbie

          Hi Guys,


          Got it.. seems to be driver should require to configure each profile.I have modified all existing driver configuration ( driver name for all profiles)


          like drivers as






          I have updated all existing datasources configuration related to driver.. seems to be all working good.