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    Windup eclipse plugin not starting at all

    antoine decamps Newbie



      I have installed Windup Eclipse plugin going through the step of this link Windup Eclipse Plugin Guide - Red Hat Customer Portal


      However, after configuring the run and launching it I get the charging bar for the server, but then a nullpointerException. I searched about it already but the threads about that exception were for people using command lines and not the eclipse plugin.


      Sans titre.png


      I don't know if it's the server configuration that's causing the problem or something else but I put it aswell so you can see what it contains.


      I hope you will be able to help me.


      Best regards.




      EDIT : Now the error doesn't even get displayed anymore but nothing happens after the "Starting Windup in Server Mode" window. Moreover, the Windup server is always in [Not Running] mode. Hope that helps.