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    Datasources and JPA persistence units from other profile/server-group appearing in Admin Console -> Runtime -> Server - Subsystem -> Datasources / JPA

    Jørund Vier Skriubakken Newbie



      We are running Wildfly 9.0.1 in domain mode and are suddenly experiencing very strange things...


      We have several applications with their own server groups, and their own profile.

      The datasources are defined in the separate profiles, and each server group has it's own profile.

      However when viewing: Admin Console -> Runtime -> Server - Subsystem -> Datasources

      in "server-one" in server group B, then datasources from server group A (which uses another profile) is listed.

      Same thing appens under the JPA view.


      Has any body else experienced this?

      Could it be something wrong that we have configured causing this?

      We have double checked that the server groups are using different profiles and the datasources are only residing in it's correct profile. The server groups also have different multicast addresses, so that their clusters does not intermix.


      Thanks for any help!