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    is subsystem undertow not available from common version?

    Marian Zc Newbie



      Generally I've started my adventure for 1 week with wildfly 10- generally I'm green.


      My problem touch undertow, I would like to configure static load balancer going step by step using that instruction https://docs.jboss.org/author/display/WFLY10/Using+Wildfly+as+a+Load+Balancer , but in first step i have some error something like below:

      domain@ /] /subsystem=undertow/configuration=handler/reverse-proxy=my-handler:add()


          "outcome" => "failed",

          "failure-description" => "WFLYCTL0030: No resource definition is registered for address [

          (\"subsystem\" => \"undertow\"),

          (\"configuration\" => \"handler\"),

          (\"reverse-proxy\" => \"my-handler\")


          "rolled-back" => true



      Ok, next I would like to check that I have installed undertow and put some comment:

      [domain@ /] cd subsystem=undertow

      WFLYCTL0217: Child resource '"subsystem" => "undertow"' not found

      is It means that I don't have installed undertow?