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    JBOSS Logging - Receiving Email but the content of Email is not proper


      Hello All,


      I just need some help on my jboss logging.


      I am using JBOSS  4.2.3.GA version and I had to configure the email appender for my server.

      Below is my configuration in jboss-logging.xml


      And added the SMTP appender to root


      Now, the problem is I am able to receive mail notifications to my email but the content of mail is improper.



      The content of email is supposed to be something about the error message (In the above case, the error that gets printed in my server log is "Endpoint is not available for the service") but the mail content is empty.


      Can anyone help me out on where the mistake is?


      Kindly let me know if you need any further details!

      Thanks a lot in advance.