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    How to use rewrite tag and pattern ,substitution attribute with Wildfly 10

    Girish Pathak Newbie

      I am trying to use rewrite tag as i used in jboss7 below via shell script : `#!/bin/sh StandaloneXml="/opt/jboss-as/standalone/configuration/standalone.xml" StandaloneXmlTmp="/opt/jboss-as/standalone/configuration/temp_standalone.xml" myAppRedirection(){ awk '/"; print "  "; print " "; next }1' $StandaloneXml >$StandaloneXmlTmp mv $StandaloneXmlTmp $StandaloneXml }` Can anyone please help me here how can i do same with wildfly 10 ? My requirement is if I access my application like https://someip:someport/sampleApp/ it should open my application welcome page and even if i do https://someip:someport/ then also it should go to my application landing page but currently it is going to wildfly landing page as my sampleApp is deployed in wildfly 10