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    MalformedURLException if jndi.properties uncommented

    Jens Astor Newbie


      I'm using JBoss-2.2.2_Tomcat-3.2.2 just as my
      colleague does. We running the same simple test
      client and test bean. However, when my bean does a
      Context initCtx = new InitialContext(env);
      it causes a
      "javax.naming.InvlidNameException: jnp://localhost:1099 [Root exception is java.net.MalformedURLException: unknown potocol: jnp]".

      But my colleagues's works fine!

      We figured the reason in a minor difference between our

      in his $JBOSS_DIST\jboss\conf\tomcat\jndi.properties
      the following line is commented out:

      However, mine is not!!
      That caused the problem!
      My question now: Why?

      Any help appreciated