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    How to configure Swarm to access an external IBM MQ JMS server...

    Stuart Connall Newbie

      I am having some difficulties configuring a Swarm project to access an external IBM MQ server.  I've successfully setup a traditional war project, i.e., non-Swarm project and it works fine.  I've tried loading the IBM MQ rar file in two ways but still can't seem to get it to load properly as I am most definitely not implementing either method correctly.  I did successfully load and configure the MySQL driver using a Swarm Main with a DatasourcesFraction.  I tried doing something similar for IBM MQ to no avail.


      Method #1: Tried setting up a MessagingFraction and an RARArchive in the Swarm Main but have difficulties loading the RAR as the IBM MQ library is not a Maven managed dependency.  I am trying to load the artifact on the addAsLibrary(artifact) method which fails because it is not mavenized.


      Method #2: Defined the necessary configuration in a default-projects.yml file which seems to populate the appropriate swarm system properties and attempted to specify the ConnectionFactory and JMS queue to the MessagingFraction using the <Server> remoteConection() and remoteJmsQueue() methods.


      Unfortunately, I am not seeing much regarding help for Swarm using an external JMS server such as IBM's WebSphere MQ.