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    How to configure HA for messaging with wildfly instances running in domain mode

    Wayne Wang Apprentice



      I was able to configure two standalone wildfly servers and support HA (High availability) for messaging. This can be done through configuration of share-store or replication. However, I need to configure master and slave activemq server in each wildfly instance and create two different sets of message folders. In this case, the standalone-full-ha.xml will NOT be identical. This is not a problem for running a cluster of two standalone servers since each server will have its own configuration file and starts up independently.


      If I need to run the application in domain mode, I would modify the domain.xml to support HA for messaging. However, this does not seem to be possible since the configuration is not identical when running in standalone mode. I do not see a solution to create  the same configuration for messaging in domain.xml and individual wildfly instances can work together to support HA for messaging.


      How is this done when we run wildfly servers in domain mode?