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    Three Active-Active Wildfly 10 instances in a cluster with HA for messaging when one wildfly 10 instance is down

    Wayne Wang Apprentice



      If I have the following configuration:


      Three active-active wildfly 10 instances in a cluster

      wildfly A

      wildfly B

      wildfly C


      To configure HA for messging


      wildfly A ( live message server A / backup B / backup C)

      wildfly B ( live message server B / backup A / backup C)

      wildfly C ( live message server C / backup A / backup B)


      If I configure HA for messaging with shared-store or data replication with three sets of message folders. Now if I shut down wildfly A instance, the messages in live message server A will be replicated/ copied to both wildfly B and wildfly C instances? the message from message server A will get duplicated.


      How does this work?