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    Teiid dependencies via ivy configuration

    parrotola Novice



      I have tried to download teeid dependencies with ivy configuration.

      Below you can find the dependencies and the public URL jBoss repository.



      <dependency org="org.jboss.teiid.connectors" name="translator-file" rev="8.11.4"/>

      <dependency org="org.jboss.teiid.connectors" name="translator-jdbc" rev="8.11.4"/>

      <dependency org="org.jboss.teiid" name="teiid-runtime" rev="8.11.4"/>   



      1. Ivysettings.xml


      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


            <settings defaultResolver="chained" />

            <properties file="release.properties"/>


                 <chain name="chained" returnFirst="true">

                      <ibiblio name="jboss" m2compatible="true" root="http://repository.jboss.org/nexus/content/groups/public/"/>

                      <ibiblio name="maven2" m2compatible="true" />





      I have the follwing error.





      Anyone has an idea for this kind of problems?


      Thank you in advance.