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    Dist Cache in a clustered nodes

    Mahesh Vedantam Newbie



      I am not able to synch up cache in a dist cache in a clustered environment.


      I have configured Node.java to use infinispan.xml and JGroups configuration using TCP protocol.

      Node A is started from IP1 on machine1 in LAN --- port 7800

      Node B is started from IP1 on machine2 in LAN --- port 7801


      For some reason, the cache contents are NOT @replicated/copied once the data is updated/inserted into the cache

      and I can see the contents of the cache on their respective machine on which its started.


      However, I was able to synchup the contents by launching 3 processes on the same machine(binding to loopback).


      JGroups.xml is configured to use the IP address of the machine and port(diff for each node), TCP, UNiCAST3, MPING,

      and also using mcast ip address and mcast ip port. Its helpfulll if you can respond back.


      regards, Mahesh.