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    BRMS Project disappear in business-central interface

    Jules HOUANTONON Newbie

      Hello all,


      I am facing a very strange situation. Today, we are not able to find the  projects that we build through business-central.


      When we click on "Authoring Menu" in the Business-central, the repositories  Menu is empty.


      -The only change that have been made on the server is allowing  the local git repository should be available through the network so that it should be cloned.


      <property name="org.kie.server.location" value="http://hostname:8080/kie-server/services/rest/server"/>

      <property name="org.kie.server.controller" value="http://hostname:8080/business-central/rest/controller"/>


      -The only error I have in server.log is  :


      ERROR [org.guvnor.common.services.backend.exceptions.ExceptionUtilities] (http-/ Exception thrown: null: org.uberfire.java.nio.file.NoSuchFileException


      Did you think that this error is related to it ? Or did you that it is related to my new configuration of the git repository ?


      Can anyone help me getting an explantion ? I still have all our projects in the .niogit folder.


      Thank you for helping