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    Business-central is no more available after changing default datasource to PostgreSQL

    Jules HOUANTONON Newbie

      Hello all,


      as mention in the title, I decide to test Jboss BRMS 6.4  by changing the default JBoss BRMS H2 datasource to PostgreSQL.


      I follow the official Red Hat documentation for achieving this operation.


      After exeucting the ./standalone.sh script, I receive this message  error



      02:21:43,255 INFO  [org.jboss.as.server.deployment.scanner] (DeploymentScanner-threads - 2) JBAS015003: Found business-central.war in deployment directory. To trigger deployment create a file called business-central.war.dodeploy


      02:21:47,918 WARN  [org.kie.server.services.impl.controller.DefaultRestControllerImpl] (KieServer-ControllerConnect) Exception encountered while syncing with controller at http://orc-brms3:8080/business-central/rest/controller/server/default-kieserver error Error while sending PUT request to http://orc-brms3:8080/business-central/rest/controller/server/default-kieserver response code 403


      I check the kieserver user and password, but the value were correct.


      Business-central web page is displaying  this :


      JBWEB000065: HTTP Status 404 - /business-central

      JBWEB000309: type JBWEB000067: Status report

      JBWEB000068: message /business-central

      JBWEB000069: description JBWEB000124: The requested resource is not available.

      JBoss Web/7.5.7.Final-redhat-1


      I am sending you as attached my standalone.xml file.


      For my environment, I am running JBoss BRMS 6.4 on CentOS 7.


      Thank you for your time reading my post and helping me.