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    load class from activeMQ broker config file

    Aymen Ragoubi Newbie

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      I have an activemq broker deployed inside my jboss server.
      I am following this link in order to limit the connectivity to the ActiveMQ server based on Token


      I created a project named "authentification" in eclipse containing the two classes "TokenAuthentificationPlugin" and "TokenAuthentificationBroker" and deployed it in my server as a war file.


      My question is how can I get reference to the tokenAuthenticationPlugin class from my broker config file.
      I tried this :
      <bean id="tokenAuthenticationPlugin" class="authentification.TokenAuthentificationPlugin" xmlns="http://www.springframework.org/schema/beans"> 


      But I am getting this error when activemq start to be deployed : Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: authentification.TokenAuthentificationPlugin from [Module "deployment.activemq-rar-5.9.0.rar:main" from Service Module Loader].


      Could someone help me with this?