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    Lot of war applications can't be deployed on wildfly 10. Is there a method to repackage a war to be wildfly compliant?


      I recently installed wildfly 10.1.0. final , and began to  deploy well known applications in  war format.



      I was very surprised to see that, if some are deployed very well :

        - jenkins

        - gerrit (but not last versions)

        - gitblit


        some others simply can't:

        - apache archiva

        - rundeck

        - scm-webapp



      because of dependencies problems (jars still in wildfly so it conflicts, or others).


      more: not to mention too that there is less and less .war applications, since software providers prefer to provide bundles or fatjars.


      So my question is:

         - is there a tool to repackage a war into a wildfly10-friendly war? Let's say that this tool would declare automaticaly libs/jar in modules et create dependancies declarations in xml file (manifest or other)?