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    close_wait connections

    Rahul Bhoyar Newbie

      Hello Experts,

      We are using wildfly11.0.0alpha1. We are using Undertow as a reverse proxy and it is also load balancing the requests to backend (jboss Fuse).


      Issue:  This works fine for initial few requests, but after certain amount of time wildfly (Undertow) is unable to send the requests to backend (jboss fuse)


      We have taken the netstat output and found out that there are too many close_wait connections (between the source: Wildfly(undertow) and destination (jboss fuse))


      It seems wildfly(Undertow) is not able to close these connections, after it gets closed by the backend.  Does it mean that this is a connection leak issue within undertow? Can this be resolved by enabling keep-alive conenctions between wildfly and jboss fuse? How can we enable keep alive in undertow reverse proxy?Is it enabled by default?