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    Documentation for S3 integration with Modeshape 5.4.x

    Shane Kelly Newbie



      As I understand it, as of ModeShape 5.4.0, generic support for AWS S3 binary stores has been added (with the incorporation of the following project [ GitHub - fcrepo4-labs/modeshape-s3-binary-store: Custom binary store for ModeShape which stores files in Amazon S3 ]). I've struggled to find any detailed documentation or sample projects which describe how to configure this binary store wtihin ModeShape. For example, the modeshape-s3-binary-store documentation refers to the configuration of several system properties [aws.accessKeyId, aws.secretKey, aws.bucket] - does ModeShape also expect these values to be defined as system properties or are they now to be included in the JSON repository configuration file? Can anyone point me to a relevant article which describes the configuration in more detail (or better still, provide a sample JSON repository configuration file which defines the minimal configuration required to use S3).


      Can S3 also be configured for the persistence of repository data as well as the binary store?