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    transaction with external ejb-ref does not rolled back

    Ceyhun Ozgun Newbie


      I have a transaction trouble.

      I have an app that uses 2 different DBs and I have 2 different jar files for beans. Beans in first jar have external ejb-ref's for beans in second jar. One session bean in first jar creates an entity bean in second jar and an another entity bean in first jar. And then it rolls back the transaction. All transaction attributes for methods is 'Required'.
      I want to have two phase commit for two different DBs.

      When I have deployed these jars on the same JBoss server it works ok.

      But when I deployed this jars on different JBoss servers, first server rolls backs all beans but second server does not rolls back. Even, when I debug JBoss, I found second bean does not included in transaction, and no locks acquired on second DB.

      But two phase commit scenario when I deployed on the same server it works.

      Please could anybody tell me what the problem is?.
      Am I missing something?

      thanks in advance.

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          joseph Newbie

          I did a simliar test with 2 session beans (x and y) that has "required" tx attrib, each running in its own jboss instance(and its own machine if that matters). I found out that when x calls y, transaction is NOT propagated from one instance to the other. When I print out the transaction, I found that y always starts a new transaction even though x has one already! (I did this with 2.2.2 and 2.4.1 versions)

          So, I believe transaction propagation across multiple jboss servers is something not supported yet or it might be a bug they are not aware of (??)

          Anyone knows more about this?