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    T24 R15 Jboss Resources and degrading of performance

    Allvan Farmer Newbie

      Anyone out there who has experience in Jboss configured for T24?

      We have configured JBoss as our prefered middleware to connect our Core banking application to SQL servers.

      T24 Release - R15

      RDBMS Type - SQL Server 2012

      Front End - Browser

      Operating System - Windows Server 2012 R2 (64-bit Windows Server)

      Run Time - TAFJ

      JBoss - Version 6.4

      Host: Virtual Servers


      We are experiencing performance problems after running JBoss 6.4 for a few hours where the RAM and CPU usage is not exceeding 30% of its possible allocation.

      There is 32Gb of memory configured for JBoss on the server out of a possible 64Gb . When JBoss is started its allocated memory starts at 8Gb and increases memory usage by 0.2mbs until it reaches the 32Gb threshold allocated and then slowly degrades performance on the core banking.


      A reboot of JBoss is necessary to free up the memory and restore performance almost daily.

      After a JBoss restart memory heap restores to 8Gb and increase of 0.2mb per second starts again.



      We have virtual (vmware) servers in different environments. Other application in the same VM environment do not suffer from degraded performance which isolates the JBoss instance from normal processing. VM has dedicated memory and is not the problem.