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    Wildfly 10/infinispan cache

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      We have a project which was migrated from JBoss 4 to Wildfly 10. Under JBoss 4, we had multiple caches which were implemented as TreeCaches.


      In our current project, those who did the migration defined these caches in the inet-standalone-full.xml, for example:


                  <cache-container name="cancache" default-cache="can_last_sent">

                      <local-cache name="can_last_sent" jndi-name="java:/atms/cache/can/lastSent">

                          <string-keyed-jdbc-store data-source="AtmsDbData" dialect="MYSQL" passivation="false" preload="true" purge="false" shared="true">

                              <string-keyed-table prefix="cache">

                                  <id-column type="NVARCHAR(256)"/>

                                  <data-column name="value" type="BLOB"/>






      We have a class which formerly used to be used as a key, and implements Serializable. But when we try to use this class as a key, we are getting the error:


      2017-06-06 13:59:42,134 ERROR [org.infinispan.interceptors.InvocationContextInterceptor] (Thread-28 (ActiveMQ-client-global-threads-808130985)) ISPN000136: Error executing command GetKeyValueCommand, writing keys []: org.infinispan.persistence.keymappers.UnsupportedKeyTypeException: Unsupported key type: 'com.networks.can.jpa.SentKey' on key: SentKey{alertId=22292, alertCategory='CMS', alertDesc='Comm Failure Detected', notifiedVia=email, address='blah@blah.com', alertItem='Comm Failure Detected', hashCode='976212382'}


      Is there some configuration we are missing which adds our object as a supported key type?