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    Hawkular APM not showing any data

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      We have installed Hawkular APM downloaded from https://github.com/hawkular/hawkular-apm/releases.

      Then started the server:

      bin/add-user.sh -a -u jdoe -p password -g read-write,read-only bin/standalone.sh -b -Djboss.http.port={PORT} (1) 

      Then installed JVM agent on WildFly-8.2 server in the same machine.https://hawkular.gitbooks.io/hawkular-apm-user-guide/content/instrumentation/jvmagent.html

      Copied apm folder to wildfly-8.2 and set setenv.sh.

      apm/setenv.sh port 

      Then started WildFly. There is no data displayed in APM server. When I stopped APM server got following exception in WildFly-8.2 server which I want to monitor.

      SEVERE: [AbstractRESTClient] [Thread[pool-2-thread-1,5,main]] Failed to get results java.net.ConnectException: Connection refused (Connection refused) 

      When I checked APM server didn't find any datasource connection. Is there any more steps required?